Sue Williams owner and teacher at Evo Pilates Studio

Sue Williams – About Me

Hi, I’m Sue Williams, owner and teacher at Evo Pilates.

Originally from the UK, I spent a large part of my working life in the clothing and software industries across Europe, Asia and the USA, and the constant travelling took its toll on my health and wellbeing. I discovered Pilates in the USA, when I was searching for help to recover from a back injury (too many heavy suitcases!). Not only did Pilates help relieve the back pain, the exercises also strengthened my core, improved my posture, increased joint flexibility and reduced stress levels.

To help others gain from the health benefits Pilates offers, teaching was a natural progression and I completed my classical Pilates training (600 + hours) with Power Pilates in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now with over 10 years of classical Pilates teaching experience most recently at studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I’ve worked with students of all ages and fitness levels, in person and online.

Power Pilates Certification Qualification Continuing Education

You never stop learning with Pilates, and I really enjoy taking part in the regular training and education seminars and workshops that are so much a part of the classical Pilates method and all it stands for. Even better, I now have the opportunity to share the rewards and experiences with my students here in Spain, at Evo Pilates in La Cala de Mijas.

We are very happy to have Mar, Emma and Valentina as guest Yoga teachers at Evo Pilates Studio.

Mar teaches Yoga Kriya and meditation
Emma teaches Yoga Hatha Flow
Valentina teaches Yoga Hatha with Essential Oils
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