(Google)March 2023 – (Paula B – Malaga) Having relocated from London to Mijas, I was looking for a 1:1 classical Pilates instructor. To be honest I wasn’t very hopeful I would find someone of the standard I was used to. There are many reformer classes and contemporary Pilates classes on the Costa but not exactly what I was looking for. Then I found Evo Pilates. I arranged one lesson to see what it was like and I quickly booked my block of 5 lessons and made sure I pre-booked my Saturday slots in advance! The studio is spacious, spotlessly clean, bright and airy and is fully equipped with all the Pilates apparatus. Sue is a great teacher. She is patient and friendly. She uses all the equipment to ensure I am challenging myself and progressing. I am learning new exercises on the different apparatus that I haven’t done before. I really enjoy and look forward to my class with Sue and I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to do proper Pilates!I highly recommend. Good job and good vibes. Sue is a great professional, as well as charming.

(Google)September 2022 – (Sofia A – Madrid) I highly recommend. Good job and good vibes. Sue is a great professional, as well as charming.

(Google) – August 2022 – (Joana C – Hungary) I’ve only been at Evo Pilates once for a private session with Sue, but I felt I had to write a review as my experience has been so great! The studio is beautiful, clean and really well equipped! Sue was really professional and listened to my needs. I mentioned that I would like to rebuild strength and OMG did she make me sweat 😀 I loved the repertoire of exercises she gave me throughout the session! )

(Google) – June 2022 – (Rachel C – Mijas) I have been doing Pilates with Sue now for the last 6 weeks doing a mixture of 1 on 1 sessions and group mat classes and cannot recommend her enough. My flexibility has increased so much in such a short time and I can see a huge improvement on my posture. I really enjoy the lessons as they are different each week and she has lots of equipment to challenge myself. Could not recommend this place enough!

TestimonialJune 2022 – (Sally P – Pittsburgh USA) “ I’ve been a pilates student of Sue for almost ten years and during this time have found her to be one of the most motivated and dedicated instructors with whom I have had the pleasure of knowing.  She completely immerses herself in her work and puts her heart into improving the well-being of her clients.  Sue is an excellent listener and observer, with such a well-trained eye to notice my imbalances and offer precise cues to help me find my connections and get the most out of my practice.  She amazes me with her passion and her abundance of knowledge, which she is continually striving to expand and share with others.  I feel very lucky to be able to train with Sue and I look forward to each session, which always has a huge impact not only on my body, but my mind as well! “

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